thecanadianemployersdirectory1This online resource is invaluable for those seeking information on top employers across the country. Some of the top firms and organizations have been included here to help you in your employer research. Learn about the top companies in key industry areas.

Click on the Industry Sectors below to view hundreds of profiles on firms and organizations across the country. Browse through these employers and learn about their competitors. The more company info you have, the better equipped you'll be in deciding which ones you may be a right fit for, and vice versa. Don't stop here! Visit specific company websites to do research on your own.

Please note that inclusion in this online directory does not mean an employer is necessarily looking for candidates. These companies may or may not be hiring in the near future. Their inclusion in this directory is to give job seekers a starting point to obtain background info on some of the most popular firms in the country. Use these company profiles to complement other job search strategies.



The following list is only a sampling of some of the larger employers across the country. We have compiled this list directly from the firms themselves, or in some cases from the Internet. Before applying to a company, please always verify information from their Internet site. Employers are categorized by industry sector.


Industry Sectors

Accounting & Legal Government
Aerospace & High Technology Hospitality
Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Hospitals & Medical
Business Services Industrial Manufacturing
Consumer Manufacturing Insurance & Investment
Diversified Management & Consulting
Educational Institutions Oil & Mining 
Energy Printing, Publishing & Forestry
Engineering & Architectural Retail
Entertainment & Leisure Social Services
Financial Institutions Telecommunications & Media
Food Manufacturers & Wholesalers Transportation


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