There are many different trade and business directories that can vastly expand your job search. They contain detailed company information, along with industry related facts and data. Be sure to use these directories when researching potential employers, or networking with others.



They’re a wonderful way to add to your target list of employer you would like to work for. Make sure to search according to your work preferences, such as how far the company is from your home, whether it’s a large or small firm, how long it’s been in business, who the parent company is, and other such factors. Also, if you know the name of a firm in a particular industry, you can find that company’s SIC (Standard Industrial Code), then search for many of its competitors – increasing your hidden job possibilities!

Keep in mind that many of these directories may be available at your local library, or career information centre. There is no need to spend money to use them. Online directories are easier to keep up-to-date, so thus may be more valuable than a hardcopy version. Ensure you know the date the directory was compiled. And make sure to always preview any information, before you commit to spending any money on these resources. 



The following list is only a sampling of some of the directories that are available. Many of these directories are in hardcopy format, but an online version is usually available. They are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the link below for the full database:  

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