Guide to Professional Programs in Canada is designed to be an effective and easy-to-use resource for people considering further education in the professional fields. The basic admission requirements and application information is provided to assist the reader in deciding which options interest them enough to write the school for further information. The information is updated by information supplied by the programs’ registrar, dean, or liaison officer.

Applying to professional programs can be an expensive and time-consuming process. It is our hope that this resource will reduce the time required by providing the reader with the basic information such as the prerequisites needed, deadline date to apply, etc., in one organized and easy-to-use source.

Guide to Professional Programs in Canada is an excellent planning tool which helps the reader identify what they have to do and when. It is also a cost saver as the reader can identify programs that are most relevant to their situation and apply only to them.


What You Need to Know Before Applying 

Options for Further Education

Researching Your Options

What To Do When: A Sample Time-Line of the Application Process

Improve Your Chances of Being Admitted

Pitfalls of Admission

Personal Statements

About Preparation Courses for Admission Tests

Admission Tests

Key Resources



All twenty professional programs described admit applicants with a wide variety of backgrounds. For the purposes of this book, “professional” schools are defined as those offering programs that do not build directly on a candidate’s academic background (although some course prerequisites may be necessary). For example, Law Schools admit candidates with backgrounds as different as chemistry and classics. Only programs at the bachelor’s and master’s level are included.

* Please be advised that the information in this database is in the midst of being updated. Some of the information will be outdated. Always check with the school's website, or admissions department, to confirm specific details.


Professional Programs

Architecture Nursing
Business Administration Occupational Therapy
Dentistry Optometry
Engineering Pharmacy
Health Services Administration Physical Therapy
Industrial Relations Public Administration
Journalism Social Work
Law Speech-Language Pathology
Library and Information Science Teacher Education
Medicine Veterinary Medicine


Professional Programs Index

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