thecanadianrecruitersdirectory1This online resource is essential for those seeking information on top recruiters across the country. Recruiters can be invaluable, in many types of industries, to put your resume at the forefront of top employers in Canada.



Among other names, recruiters are also known as headhunters, executive search firms, placement firms, or employment agencies. Basically a recruiter is a consultant or a company engaged in the business of bringing together employers and job seekers. The employment agency can efficiently provide a large selection of qualified candidates to a busy employer. As a result, the employer pays the search firm a fee for their services.

You as an employee should NOT have to pay a recruiting firm to list you on their roster. The recruiter’s client is the employer, while you are more or less the raw material in the placement process. Different agencies may focus only on specific segments, such as temporary, contract, part time, or permanent employment. Others specialize in certain industries or just on higher end positions. Many others pride themselves on being generalists. It is important to contact the proper recruiter for the type of industry or position you wish to enter.



Since recruiters have access, on average, to about 15% of all available jobs, they are a necessary part of your well-rounded work search. Your objective is to make a recruiting company interested in your skills and qualifications. The most common method of contact is to phone or e-mail a relevant recruiter, spark their interest, send them your resumé and then follow-up. Getting referred by a friend or colleague the recruiter knows and likes can make a world of difference. 

As with anyone you do business with, try to do some research on the agencies you choose to deal with. Are they legitimate? Do they treat candidates (job applicants) well? Have they been successful in placing people like you before? The more you know upfront, the fewer problems you a likely to have down the road. Talk to others who have used recruiters in the past to find out what kind of experience to expect.



The following list is only a sampling of some of the larger recruiting firms across the country. We have compiled this list directly from the firms themselves, or in some cases from the Internet with contact verification afterward. Both permanent and temporary recruiters are listed. We have also included Areas of Specialization with each recruiter listing.


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