Summer Work Experience Program







Under the Youth Employment Strategy, the Summer Work Experience program creates summer employment opportunities for secondary and post-secondary students, and supports the operation of summer employment offices where they may also find a job. These jobs provide students with the opportunity to acquire skills, gain valuable work experience and help finance their return to school.

The Government of Canada created the Youth Employment Strategy to help young Canadians (aged 15 to 30) obtain career information, develop skills, find good jobs and stay employed. This national strategy offers a broad range of initiatives under three programs:

Skills Link helps young people who face more barriers to employment than others. They could be high school dropouts, single parents, Aboriginal youth, young persons with disabilities, youth in rural areas or recent immigrants.

Summer Work Experience helps secondary and post-secondary students find summer jobs.

Career Focus helps post-secondary graduates develop advanced skills and find careers in their fields.

Other Federal Government Departments Delivering Summer Work Experience include:
- Canadian Heritage   
- Indian and Northern Affairs Canada   
- Industry Canada 
- CAP Youth Initiative 
- Student Connections  
- Parks Canada   

For more information on the Summer Work Experience program visit their website: click here

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