Young Canada Works

Young Canada Works (YCW), an initiative of the Department of Canadian Heritage, was created in 1996 to help young Canadians develop work skills and on-the-job experience.

YCW is part of the Government of Canada's Youth Employment Strategy (YES), which is committed to helping young people - students and graduates - particularly those facing barriers to employment, get the information and gain the skills, experience and ability they need to enter Canada's workforce.
In addition, YCW offers internships for college and university graduates who need some assistance to further build their job-related skills or who need to earn to access advanced studies to improve their skills and career prospects. In the process, YCW gives young Canadians the chance to gain an awareness of Canada’s achievements as they work in summer jobs or internships. Young Canada Works sponsors the following summer work opportunities:

Young Canada Works (Aboriginal Urban Youth)
Young Canada Works (Both Official Languages)
Young Canada Works (Heritage Organizations)

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Objective: Acquire experience working with young people by organizing cultural, sports or recreational projects in an Aboriginal friendship centre.

Duration: 6 to 16 weeks; 30 to 40 hours per week

Number of positions: up to 280

You are eligible if you are a Canadian Aboriginal student, graduate or unemployed youth intending to return to school or live in an urban centre.


Objective: Acquire work experience related to your studies and explore career opportunities while improving your second-language skills. You could also have a great geographic exchange experience and develop a network in official language minority communities.

Duration: 6 to 16 weeks; 30 to 40 hours per week

Number of positions: up to 750

You are eligible if you have a working knowledge of both English and French and are willing to work in another region of Canada.
Note: For participants who travel 125 km or more for their job, YCWBOL will pay the cost of one round trip between the student’s residence and workplace and offers an allowance for housing costs incurred by a participant who has to pay for rent.


Objective: Improve your skills while acquiring practical knowledge in the areas of research, new media, exhibitions, conservation and more, as you work at various tasks related to saving, preserving and promoting our cultural heritage.

Duration: 6 to 16 weeks; 30 to 40 hours per week

Number of positions: up to 1,660

You are eligible if you meet the general student eligibility criteria.

Note: YCW in Heritage Organizations may cover transportation costs for students who travel more than 125 km from their primary residence to their summer job. Applications for travel assistance are made through your employer. Accommodation costs for those who relocate for a YCWHO position are the responsibility of the student.

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